Wireless & Telecom

Moldova Updates National Frequency Bands Allocation Table
EU Introduces Amendments to Battery Regulations
Mexico Updates Technical Provisions for Mobile Terminal Equipment
Singapore Updates Technical Specification for Short-Range Devices
Happy World Standards Day
India Announces Products for Mandatory Certification Under Phase V
China's MIIT Introduces New Digital Network Access Permits
India Extends Mandatory Certification Dates for Phase III & IV Products
Vietnam Updates List of Potentially Unsafe Products
Australia Introduces New Supplier Declaration of Conformity Form
Mexico Launches New Technical Specifications for Mobile Terminal Equipment
Mexico Grants Full Access to 6GHz Band for Wireless Communication
Moldova Implements Changes to National Table of Frequency Allocations
UAE Amends Label Requirements
South Korea Issues Amendments for Unlicensed Radio Equipment
Colombia Allocates New Frequency Band
European Union Launches New Changes with Regards to Chargers
Chile Revises Technical Regulation for Short-Range Devices
Bahrain Is Underway Towards Wi-Fi 6 Technologies
New Zealand Amends Requirements for Short-Range Devices
Israel Revises Wireless Telegraph Regulations
Vietnam Issues Recommendation to Type Approval Procedures
European Union Revises Blue Guide on Implementation of Product Rules 2022
Mexico Introduced Guidelines for Product Approval
Moldova Extends Frequency Range for Radio Access Systems
Saudi Arabia Opens Public Consultation for Spectrum Use Regulation for Amateur Radio Services
Moldova Launches Changes in Technical Regulation on Radio Equipment
Saudi Arabia Is Launching New Regulation for Licensing of Telecommunication Devices
Australia Makes Changes in Radiocommunications Class License
India Sets Mandatory Energy Consumption Rating parameters Within MTCTE Scheme
European Union Updates Decision on Harmonized Standards for Radio Equipment
Yemen Updates Type Approval Procedure
Saudi Arabia Establishes Requirements for Equipment Using Wi-Fi 6E Technology
Hong Kong Introduces New Criteria for UTRA FDD, E-UTRA FDD
Saudi Arabia Revises Requirements for Specific ICT Equipment
Malaysia Published New Class Assignments
India Issues Amendments to MTCTE Regime for Phases III and IV
EAEU Modifies Technical Regulations on Safety of Low-voltage Equipment and Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Means
Brazil Changes Conformity Assessment Procedure for Access Terminal Stations and Mobile Cell Phones
EAEU Updates Procedure for Importing Products Subject to Mandatory Conformity Assessment
Chile Starts Adopting 5G Technology
India Introduces Exemption from License for Some RFID Devices
Malaysia Announces Changes in Approval Procedure for 3G Devices
EAEU Amends List 
of Products Subject to Document Submission within Technical Regulation on Safety of Machines and Equipment
Brazil Establishes Temporary Measures for Certification Maintenance Procedure
Jordan Amends List of Short-Range Devices That Require Licensing
India Extends Validity of Energy-Saving Labels for Some Electrical Appliances
Hong Kong Updates Range of Technical Criteria for Radio Access Network Equipment
Brazil Issues Additional Requirements for Mobile Cell Phones
Brazil Releases Amended Requirements for Access Terminal Stations
Vietnam determines Licence-exempt Radio Apparatus List
Brazil Releases Requirements for 5G Base Station Testing
New National Frequency Plan Becomes Available in Morocco
Vietnam Releases New Technical Regulation For Short-Range Devises Operating on 40-246 GHz Frequency Range
Vietnam Publishes New Regulation on Radio Access Equipment
How New Standard KC 62368-1 Will Impact Manufacturers of Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment
Pakistan Officially Releases New Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations for Terminal Equipment
Vietnam Updates Standard for Network Terminal Equipment
Vietnam Establishes New Requirements for Radars Operating on 76-77 GHz Bands
Japan Updates Range of Regulatory Documents for Radio Equipment
Singapore Gives Grace Period for Meeting Compliance of TS RG-SEC Requirements for Residential Gateways
United Arab Emirates Announces GSM Network Termination
European Union Updates Energy Label Requirements for Light Sources
EAEU Revises Technical Regulation on Safety of Machines and Equipment
Kuwait Revises Type Approval Regulations
Argentina Revises Type Approval Procedure for Some Categories of Products
Ecuador Updates List of Recognized Foreign Bodies Within Type Approval Procedure
Egypt Approves Launch of VoLTE Service
Singapore Revises Requirements to Short Range Devices
Indonesia Notifies on Additional Requirements within Conformity Assessment Procedure
Peru Opens New Bands for Unlicensed Use
Philippines Extends Validity of Conformity Documents
Canada Issues Radio Standards Specification Licence-Exempt Radio Apparatus: Category I Equipment
Costa Rica Updates National Frequency Allocation Plan
Zambia Reviews Type Approval Guidelines
Japan Publishes Revised Frequency Assignment Plan
Canada Releases Decision on the Technical, Policy and Licensing Framework for Wireless Microphones
Saudi Arabia Informs on Wi-Fi 6e Availability
China Updates Rules for 5G Mobile Devices
Brazil Updates Specific Absorption Rate Testing Procedure for Telecom Products
Vietnam Launches Range of New National Technical Regulations on Safety and RF Requirements Soon
South Africa Switches to IEC 62368-1 Safety Requirements
China Updates National Radio Regulations
Qatar Publishes Class License for Use of RLAN Devices Operating in 5925-7125 MHz Frequency Range
India Postpones Effective Date for Mandatory Certification of Telecom Equipment
Mexico Establishes Technical Standard Specifying SAR Requirements
European Union Initiates Updates of Declaration of Conformity Related to RED Directive
Malaysia Updates MCMC /SIRIM Certificate Format
Sri Lanka Publishes New Type Approval Regulation for R&TT Equipment
Russia Updates List of Application That Must Be Preinstalled on All Smartphones
Peru Postpones Implementation of New Requirements for Mandatory Certification of Energy Appliances
Transition Period for Non-Compliant Radio Equipment Expired in Ukraine
Guidance on Placing Manufactured Goods on the UK Market after the Brexit
Vietnam Publishes MIC Regulations Updates
South Korea Market Access for Electrical and R&TT Products
Indonesia Updates Market Access Rules for WLAN Devices Operating on 2.4 and 5.8 GHz Frequency Bands
Switzerland Issues Energy Efficiency Requirements for Lamps
Thailand Сhanges Type Approval Process for Cellular Devices
Canada Establishes New Requirements for Wireless Device Testing Laboratories
Allocation of 5G Spectrum in 3.5 GHz Band in New Zealand

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